Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love Matters © 1995

In response to the tragic rash of suicide among young people in the very recent past, I choose to post a poem I wrote years ago that I hope has its place…


We’re all children
We’re the children of the rainbow
born to share a multi-colored dream
and we are bound
joining us all, every single heart
is Love’s golden seam

Love is what matters
when reason can’t be found
and lives are like a choice too close to call
Remember what we have
we have each other here
and we share what matters most of all

Love for every one of us
we are fashioned by Love’s hand
side by side we couldn’t fall
Accept each and every life
because we are Love’s greatest gifts
to a world that needs us all

Be true to yourself
and your place in the rainbow
it’s a promise made by your birth
And just like the rainbow
and it’s promise of light
we will join Heaven and Earth

So when the music plays
take someone’s hand and take the chance
and feel the chorus ring above
Because this is life
and Life is the Dance
and the Music, the Music is Love

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