Sunday, March 20, 2011

A bit more sun...

Ah, SPRING is here.  Today is the first day of spring according to the calendar.  Every year I feel so great during this time.  Some days cool, some days warm.  Some days still downright COLD.  But each day beautiful with promise.  

In the front yard are three dogwood trees.  They are spaced about 15 to 20 feet from each other in and amongst azalea bushes, butterfly bush, and a few other small landscape plants.  What amazes me about the dogwood trees as I watch them for my second coming of spring back in North Carolina is how much difference is reflected in where they stand in the yard.  The tree at the farthest north-east section of the yard gets about half an hour more sunlight than the one in the middle of the yard, and about an hour more than the tree at the other side of the yard.  But the one with the most sunlight is practically in full bloom where as the middle is just budding and the one with only an hour less sun is still tight in the bud.  Just an hours difference of sun and warmth.

Are we not just like these trees?  If we had received just a BIT more attention and warmth during our formative season, would we have been much different?  For one season perhaps not, but cumulatively over time, season after season, just a wee bit more light may have made all the difference for some of us.  An extra kind word here and there.  Just a bit more encouragement from those we admired.  A few more minutes with people we loved who loved us in return.  Taken in sum total, these precious minutes would add significantly to the bottom line of our self image, our idea of what caring and concern could look like.  A bit more sun, a bit more warmth, a bit more love. 

I will strive to offer a bit more each day to those I love.


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