Sunday, November 2, 2014

We Are NOT Broken

We are not broken.

Think about a diamond.  If a diamond was spherical, even if highly polished, it would be beautiful, but less "magical."  It is the facets, the many different cuts and angles, the tiny, sharp corners, that allow it to refract and reflect the light that shines through it.  Whatever we have been through, no matter the difficulty or challenge, that has helped create a space in our being that will add to the brilliance and magnificence of the light we shine back, the light that shines through us, magnified and made glorious.  We are not broken, we are faceted.

When we are in moments of crisis it can be very hard not to try and label it as "bad" or "awful" or even "devastating."  We choose descriptives like "the WORST thing that could ever happen," or "this day was ABSOLUTELY RUINED" for whatever reason.  We set it up as an impossibility that we may actually GROW and become more enlightened by such experiences.  And that cannot be the case or we would all stop living and trying at a very early age.

No one would say that its easy to embrace a challenge when we are in the middle of it.  Its not.  But be open to what its telling us, where our heart tells us where we should be going and what we should be doing, to allow the circumstance to create that extra facet that would turn us into the precious, priceless gems that would gratefully reflect the light, the love of the Universe,  that shines through us.

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